Novels & Their Author

‘Twas the Night Before … a novel by installment: six short novellas in ebook format that tell the story of Jocelyn Tavers’s adventures in love from the end of one year to the Night Before Christmas Eve in the next, set in Portland, Maine, by internationally acclaimed author, Leigh Verrill-Rhys.

Leigh’s books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBookstore, Kobo and Smashwords

A print edition is also available. Nights Before: The Novel includes all six of the installments, with cover illustrations. The print edition is also available on Amazon.

Most recently, my novel, Pavane for Miss Marcher, is available in digital format and print Cover Image of Pavane for Miss Marcheredition. Pavane tells the story of Cathryn Marcher, her deep love for Rupert Smith, a Civil War officer, and the affect of that tragic period in American history on civilians and soldiers alike.

Cathryn served her country as a nurse in the military hospital in Boston. At the end of the war, she returned to her native Maine and the village of Oslo Hill, followed by a tainted reputation.

Rupert served his country as an officer in the Union Army, captured and imprisoned in a Confederate prison camp in Alabama, along with his sergeant, Morton Pierce. Although he is a broken man at the end of the war, his fellow prisoners and some of the Confederate guards hold him in high esteem. Five years after the end of the war, he faces his demons and returns to his home, Oslo Hill, and the girl whose one letter had kept him alive.