Ends & Beginnings

#1 ebook cover for Nights Before series

‘Twas the Night Before New Year, the first story in the Nights Before series, is more commonly known as New Year’s Eve, but in my novel by installment (inspired by the 19th Century innovation of serializing novels in periodicals, most often practiced by Charles Dickens) I wanted to give the celebratory night a slight twist.

The end of one year, and the potential that the beginning of a new year offer, gives us all an opportunity to assess the one and prepare for the other. In this first story of the six-part novel by installment, small press editor, Jocelyn Tavers, skips both activities to face the uncomfortable truth that she has been abandoned by yet another man in her life.

Throughout the day, she encounters her new author, a Law Enforcement Officer, and a towing service company owner, none of whom present a glimmer of hope for the coming festivities or the future.

A sinkhole and a sci-fi novel have a way of changing the score.